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As a priest, I find this to be an extremely useful and well done app. On a recent pilgrimage when celebrating Mass at the ruins of an ancient church honoring the Martyrdom of St. John the baptist, no one had thought to bring a lectionary to properly celebrate the feast. So iMissal saved the day. It was quite a site seeing the readings read on an iPad in the ruins of a 1600 year old church! I think St. John the Baptist approved.

iTunes: greghamz

This app is wonderful, especially for someone like me who is disabled and cannot get to Mass very often. I absolutely love listening to the mass being read by a person rather than hearing an electronic voice. Thank you, and may God Bless you!

iTunes: Arther Bystryk

The Missal alone is well worth the price for this app. This is my most used religious app, and I use it every Sunday as I follow along in the readings. it has all the prayers as well. I give it a "hands down" 5 star rating. I love it!

iTunes: Gabriel Alvarez

Awesome app! I misplaced my hardcopy missal all the time. Never need to buy a missal again because I always have it handy with iMissal. I've never had any problems with the app and it's easy to use.

iTunes: Whewcyc

iMissal is amazing, it show me all feast days, scripture readings, the liturgy for the day, prayers, and more. If you are a Catholic this app is a must!! Seriously

iTunes: Daniel Diaz

A great app!! I am a lector and love the way it reads outlaid. Helps me with words that I don't know how to pronounce. Get this app - you won't be sorry!

iTunes: PatKur

Great app! Tell everyone about it, even your priest!! My uncle is a priest and he likes the app so much, he recommends it to all of the iPhone users in his Parrish.

iTunes: XavierSRE

The reason I came over to Android from Blackberry was this app.

Android: chirs.co

This was my first download for my Android phone (had it for iPod before). I still get some funny looks at mass. I love it. Better than iBreviary.

Android: John

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