About us

iMissal is a product of Cantcha, Inc.

The idea for iMissal occurred while one of Cantcha's founders, Grant Stewart, was sitting in Mass one day. He envisioned how we could be melding together the teachings of the Church into the ever pervasive mobile devices of today. This mobile technology would reach even more people and bring them ever closer to the Word of God. iMissal was the outcome and we are truly humbled and blessed on how it has touched the lives of so many people. A true testament on how the hand of God can work in each of us.

Cooperation - A Solid Team

Cantcha was founded in 2008 by David McIntyre and Grant Stewart. Their goal is to build innovative and superior mobile and web based applications. The two partners have worked together for over eighteen years and have built not just one but four successful companies. In growing Cantcha, they hired the best Developers from their previous business endeavors. These Developers all have several years experience working together as a united team. All Developers were specifically chosen based on their unique skill sets and creativity that synergistically compliment each other. Bundle that with the fact that all employees are owners and you have a company that is talented, nimble and highly motivated to succeed.

That's An Odd Name

The name Cantcha grew out of a bit of humor from one of their previous business enterprises. Sales personnel would often take half-baked ideas to the Developers and start most discussions with “Cantcha just make a…” and soon "cantcha" became the norm for presenting new ideas. So when naming the newest venture it just seemed appropriate since applications are really about applying creative ideas to new technology which in turn adds value, meaning and entertainment to our daily lives.

How We Do Think

Open communication internally and externally is the real core of the company. The company lives for feedback and welcomes all suggestions and comments. Please try some of our apps and let them know what you think!

Contact Us

If you wish to contact us, please send us an email via info@cantcha.com

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